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( Buy 4 Free Shipping ) Reusable Dust Face Mask with Filters (Black)

( Buy 4 Free Shipping ) Reusable Dust Face Mask with Filters (Black) Item NO.: 253491

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Product Name ( Buy 4 Free Shipping ) Reusable Dust Face Mask with Filters (Black)
Item NO. 253491
Weight 0.2 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
Category Default
Creation Time 2020-07-22

Designed To Filter Out Harmful Particles

Combining cutting-edge filter technology and a sleek modern design, the Outdoor Filter Protective Gear offers outstanding performance and comfort to combat harmful particles in the air. It is also reusable and washable.

The Outdoor Filter Protective Gear filters out dust and other air pollutants, pollen and other allergens, wildfire smoke, cigarettes, fog, and vehicle exhaust.

Superior Protection

The Outdoor Filter Protective Gear protects and pollution that are impossible to see with the naked eye. Although lightweight and flexible in composition, the innovative filter technology provides a superior level of protection over traditional paper ones.

To offer the highest quality, it utilizes disposable air-filter cartridges which work against particles as small as 0.3 micrometers. This, combined with its double stereoscopic structure ensures outstanding efficiency. 

How Long Can I Use Each Filter?

The lifetime of each filter depends on many factors such as the pollution in your surroundings. On average one filter lasts 100 hours, but we advise replacing them every 3-4 days for hygienic reasons.

Designed For Comfort

The integrated exhalation valve allows air to enter and keeps moisture out, allowing you to breathe easier while keeping dust and other contaminants out of your lungs.

The comfortable loop and design ensure you can wear them for long periods of time without any irritation or skin sensitivity.

Premium Material

The construction is made of nylon design mesh, which is breathable, quick-drying, and has perfect permeability. The soft material is comfortable in any weather, so it is suitable for all seasons.

Reusable And Washable

There are changeable carbon filters which are easy to replace. The mesh dust guard and valves can be washed to keep clean when dirty.


Delivery time-- Worldwide 7-20 daysIndividual areas, delivered the next dayHandling time-- Ship On the day after paymentFast refund-- 100% Money Back Guarantee99.9% Reviewers Recommends This Product. WE HAVE VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES AT THIS PRICE!! 


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Not much going on here. I imagine that the filter will help block things that a plain old cloth mask won't so that's a plus. I'm not sure what these little air hole devices are supposed to do. The have an open and closed position. By the wording you would think it would open and close a vent of some sort. But what they really seem to do is either lock it in place so it doesn't fall out, or unlock it so you can swap out the filter.If you think it won't fog your glasses, think again. I put it on, breathed for a while and then did the glasses trick. The result? Fogged glasses within 2 breaths.Then there's the smell. It feels like I'm breathing in something bad. I'm not sure what to compare the smell to, so let's just go with poop. It might be some sort of poly-type smell, but I've never smelled anything like it. My head is relatively small for a 6' guy. But the ear hangers are really tight and pull my ears forward, making my ears stick out.The construction is really cheap and unfortunately I just can't use this thing. I'm going back to my cheap, but comfortable, cloth mask. It probably doesn't do much, but it's comfortable and keeps the cops at bay.I want to get a really good quality mask. One that not only protects others from me, but me from them as well. I haven't found it yet. This certainly isn't it.



to whom I may concern I purchased about over2 weeks ago, just recently open the packets a few days ago. like the brand because is good quality and cheaper with another brand out there. I had a few other similar masks I bought and so comfortable to wear. I got your item and so disappoint with few accessories missing on the packets. I'm only getting 4 nose pad supposed 7 and 4 vent valves I got 2 but the most annoying the mask is too big. the elastic ear hook is a stretch to big already and velcro strap too big, I feel u send me the items it is been used by others!!!



Overall a very good mask, only a bit hard on the nose bridge. I took the plastic piece off but the edge of fabric inside is a bit rough.



This is the best mask I have used so far. This upgraded version has essentially directional valves. That means the air can be directed downward instead of just coming out in all directions. I find it very comfortable and very breathable due to the valves. I even did a workout for a while with this on. I couldn't work out for a second in the other style masks. Still, once you start breathing hard the mask will limit the air intake. Doable but not preferable. Since this mask filters the air coming it I like it wear it over the other masks since so many people are only wearing their masks sometimes.



The one way valve let’s unfiltered air in. Defeats the purpose if you’re using it for covid



This mask offers excellent coverage, very durable & comfortable, although the velcro fasteners in the back take a “few try’s” to get the proper adjustment/fit. Overall great protection at a great price! I’ve recommended the AstroAl to my friends & family.






My head measurement was less than a half inch beyond the maximum measurement included in the product description, but the mask was only listed in one size. The mask I received is well made and does not move down the bridge of my nose in a discomforting manner if I fasten the neck strap at the outermost extreme of its range.When first wearing the mask there was a slight poly kind of smell, but it did not linger after awhile.I have found only one other brand of mask besides the AstrolAl more amenable to wearing continuously over long periods of time.



Comfortable for a man with a beard.



Good for me but my wife's is a little large for her. Also the durability in design not the greatest.



My brother-in-law who almost always does research before buying comparable products wore this and loved it. I’ve had it for 30 minutes and love it too. I don’t know why he chose this one over the comparable and cheaper alternatives. I’ve worn N95, KN95, surgical, and neck gators. This one takes the prize in comfort. Surgical and gators pull into your nose/mouth when you inhale. N95 and KN95 masks bother my ears after a while. This is largely held up by the velcro around-the-head strap. There are comfortable ear loops to keep it in the right position. There is a foam pad that you stick to the inside where the mask touches the bridge of your nose. And it is fairly easy to breath (comparatively). It seems not to fog my glasses. I haven’t yet gone running in this. I only wish there were ones in smaller sizes for kids. So far, really impressed.



Super comfy and stays in place. Work construction and this is definitely a good mask for the safety of our clients during this time



I can't say that this product is great, cheap materials and the price is so high, so it leaves me as I payed too much for it to be honest!



I must have a smaller head and neck than the average adult. The neck strap is at the very end of where it will secure, and it is still too loose. I am unable to wear my glasses with the mask on (I cannot see without my glasses) because they do not sit on the bridge of my nose correctly. My glasses do not have adjustable nose bridge cushions, it is fixed plastic. If these came in smaller sizes for adults who do not have huge heads/necks, that would be great.



This mask is comfortable. I like the fact it has the velcro to keep the mask in place and not slip around and I have to adjust it all the time. It's pretty secure on my face.But what I want to know will this mask help with covid protection? I'm concerned with the discharge valves being a place something from the outside can enter that area. I realize this is not a N-95 mask but I'm only concerned of air coming back in easily through the discharge valves. And how do I safely clean the discharge valves?.



Perfect in every way, use the nose pads!



Excellent quality



Every thing about it is perfect minus the fact that it slips slowly off my nose so I gotta keep pulling it back above my nose



Comfortable and so much easier to breathe through than an N95 mask when forced to wear one at work.



This face mask is so comfortable on. Easy to breath with it. Very easy to put on. It is a good looking mask. I would definitely recommend this face mask to anyone in need of one. I would it buy again. Thank you.